PayDrill Review and Bonus
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PayDrill is the ultimate Paypal software that reveals amazing metrics for your online business – tells you everything you need to know about your income, sales, customers, products and transactions inside Paypal. PayDrill uses a fully secure Paypal API to connect to your Paypal account and it downloads all your transaction history and data metrics to show you amazing data points about your online business that you’ll never see inside Paypal. Your Paydrill Special Bonus is here : Paypal serve you a lots of data like... 1.Your Account Balance 2.Your recent transactions and sales 3.Your Sent and Received payments 4.Your refunds and disputes 5.Your monthly and yearly income reports. But not intelligent data at all like... 1.What is your average value per customer? (or lifetime value) 2.Or How many customers buy again from you? (repeat customers) 3.Do you know what TIME of day you get most of your sales? 4.How Frequently do you make sales from your online business? 5.Which countries do you get most sales from and where do you have the highest refunds? 6.What are your most profitable products and which ones are losers? Companies like Amazon, Uber, Apple, Ebay, Alibaba and many other Fortune 500 Companies use this data to grow their business & take decisions. It also works 10 times faster than your regular Paypal interface giving you instant search results for product, sales and customers PayDrill Amazing Bonuses : Watch The Demo :


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